2018 Beaver Trails ATV Jamboree

Jamboree Dates: May 16-19, 2018


OPENS February 1, 2018

CLOSES May 4, 2018


Must be postmarked by May 1, 2018 (No registrations will be accepted after that time)

Headquarters for the ATV Jamboree is at the Beaver City Office.




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Our $85 full event fee includes three days of Guided Rides, a long sleeve T-shirt, 3 Continental Breakfasts, Wednesday night dinner, and Saturday night’s barbeque.

(A table will be available for handicapped participants and their families.)

  • Registrants under the age of 18 must wear helmets and ages 8-15 must possess an OHV Education Certificate if operating on public lands.
  • No one is allowed to go on the trail rides unless they are a registered participant.
  • Daily Registrations are available at $35/day and do not include meals or an event shirt.

Registration Form

Please complete the form below for “each” participant, whether a driver or passenger, and regardless of age, using individual forms and fees.

Don’t forget to follow the link at the bottom to the payment page. If you would rather print out a hard copy and submit it in person, CLICK HERE.


Name and Phone Number


Full Day = $85 includes one t-shirt | One Day Only = $35 no meals or t-shirt included

Pick one for yourself included in the Full Registration

If you would like additional Long Sleeve T-Shirts, put the quantity of each below. Each additional Long Sleeve T-Shirt is $17.

$17 each

$17 each

$17 each

$17 each

$17 each

$17 each

$17 each


Add up the price of the Jamboree with the prices of any additional T-Shirts.

For example: A Full Day plus 2 Extra T-Shirts is $85 + $17 + $17. The total would be $119. That is what you would put in this box, and that is what you will put in the box on the payment page.

Limitation of Liability Agreement

The Tushar Mountain ATV Club and all Beaver County entities have tried to take every possible precaution to assist you in having a safe and enjoyable adventure while you are here. Because of the nature of this particular sport, it must be understood by every participant that there are inherent dangers in riding ATV's. The Tushar Mountain ATV Club, Beaver County, its coordinators, sponsors, and supporters and public land management agencies cannot be held responsible or liable for any accidents or mishaps, or personal or property damage which occurs during Jamboree events. By registering for the Jamboree, each rider takes upon himself personal responsibility for his/her own safety and wellbeing, and that of others in his/her care.

Riders are required to stay with their groups and follow designated guides. This will help provide for the safety and comfort of all riders. Guides will assist the group in determining and maintaining a safe and comfortable speed and will determine the routes to be followed. Good judgment and responsible riding on the part of every rider must be exercised at all times on the trail. Each rider will be responsible for compliance with the conditions set forth herein, and for the condition and operation of his or her own ATV and related equipment, and of his or her own safety and personal protective gear and that of those in their charge. Utah State ATV laws indicate where trails are located on public lands, and have been properly designated as open to ATV use, those involved in land management, and organized, permitted uses on those trails bear no responsibility or liability for accidents which may happen due to trail use or participation in events involving those trails. Again, we emphasize personal responsibility for safety and wellbeing on the trail. Jamboree personnel have attempted to assign a rating to each event, in order to help riders determine which events will be within the scope of their experience and ability, and to avoid those that may be beyond their abilities. These ratings are not according to any established system, but have been based only on the experience and personal knowledge of the guides. A variety of rides have been selected in an effort to provide events suitable to the abilities and wants of every rider. If riders have any questions or concerns about the difficulty of any event, they should ask the guides or other Jamboree personnel prior to joining with the group. Riders are encouraged to pick the Jamboree rides and events which suit their individual experience and riding abilities.

By clicking "Yes" below, you understand and agree to the terms listed in this liability waiver for yourself and any additional participants you are registering for.   You take full responsibility for yourself, and those you are registering for, as set forth in this waiver.

After Submitting this Registration Form, you must continue to the Payment Page with the button below.

Payment Page

If you would rather print out a hard copy and submit it in person, CLICK HERE.