The business environment within Beaver Country is an atmosphere in which companies are a part of our community and not just another business – which creates buy-in from citizens, community, and business leaders for the success of your business.


Our communities represent good hardworking and integrity based Americans. This workforce combined with high speed internet, rail access, strategically located interstates, and abundant natural resources, make Beaver Country a smart place to do business.

Scott Albrecht
Economic Development Director
Office: (435)438-6490
Cell: (435)705-1897

PO Box 789
Beaver, UT 84713

“I am passionate about the health and progress of our communities. There are so many benefits to living and working in a rural community and especially those within Beaver Country. It is through partnerships that we can accomplish the goal of “prospering while preserving culture”. It is my role to provide value to these partnerships, especially the public private partnerships. It is the private sector that takes risks, makes investments, creates jobs, provides a tax base, and contributes to a community. My commitment is to work with private industry to strengthen their vitality and explore opportunities for expansion and recruitment.”

Scott has been with Beaver County for 8 years and has been involved with economic development for the last two years. Previously Scott worked with Utah Science Technology and Research , commonly known as USTAR, and the Southern Utah University Business Resource Center. He received his Bachelors of Marketing degree from Southern Utah University.

Scott is a native of Beaver County growing up in Minersville. He enjoys living and working on his hobby farm and riding horses with his wife and three children.